Adventure and adrenaline for little adventurers!



Exclusively designed for children from 4 to 11 years. Minimum high required: 1.05m .

a total of 50 platforms, divided into  6 circuits with different levels and heights, adapted to all ages:


2 green circuits  (16 exercices)  –   EASY 

2 blue circuits  (10 exercices)  –   MEDIUM 

1 red circuit  (12 exercices)  –   DIFFICULT  Minimum high required 120 cm and 7 years.

1 black circuit (14 exercices) –VERY DIFFICULT  Minimum high required 120 cm and 7 years.


The JUNIOR course has been constructed with a “continuous belay system”; this means that children can NEVER unhook themselves when they are up high.

The children are the stars of the adventure as they safely pass through the different exercises and operate the carabiners in this recreational and shady activity that integrates co-ordination, balance and physical exercise.

Every child can go on his own rhythm, they can pass to the next level, only if they want to . If he doesn’t, he can repeat his favourite levels!

A team of monitors is always present to instruct the children and give help when required. However, all children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult (at a ratio of one adult per three children) The adult don’t climb, just follow the child by the ground.

Our priority: SAFETY


The course has been constructed with a “continuous life line”; this means maximum security: it is impossible for the children unhook themselves when they are up high.

All equipment is provided by JUNGLE PARC JUNIOR, just come in comfortable clothing and sports shoes.

The equipment and the course are controlled daily by our team of monitors and all of the installations are controlled and certified annually by “VERTIC’APLS EXPERTISE SAS, European leader in acrobatic forestall courses.

The climbing equipment is EC certified and checked daily by our team.

The team of monitors is specially trained in intervention at height. They give instructions and supervise at all times so the children can have fun in a safe manner.